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Lumina: Blending Hungarian Floral Art with Eco-Conscious Skincare

At the heart of Lumina lies a powerful vision: to marry the elegance of Hungarian floral art with a commitment to preserving our planet. The founders, passionate about both skincare and nature, saw an opportunity to create something special – a skincare line that not only enhances one's beauty but also respects the beauty of the natural world. Thus, Lumina was born, with a mission to inspire self-care rituals while minimizing its environmental impact.

The first step in Lumina's branding and design process involved immersing myself in a very close-to-home culture, in the rich heritage of Hungarian floral art. This traditional art form, characterized by intricate, flowing patterns and vibrant colors, provided the perfect source of inspiration for Lumina's visual identity. Throughout the process I studied various motifs, such as peonies, roses, and tulips, which held cultural significance and symbolized natural beauty. They extracted the essence of these patterns, aiming to reflect their elegance and harmony in every aspect of Lumina's branding.

The logo of Lumina is an exquisite representation of its brand philosophy. The design is incredibly thin and delicate. At the center-top of the logo is a small star that symbolizes the meaning of the name 'Lumina': brilliant light.

The color palette chosen for the logo includes intensive reds, blues, and greens and warm earth tones, evoking a sense of serenity and the organic connection between Lumina's products and the environment while staying consistent to the bright essence of Hungarian art.

Through Lumina, I was reminded of the power of creativity, and how it can transform a vision into reality, shaping a brand that cherishes both artistry and environmental stewardship.

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