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Kinship is In - an Exploration of a Vibey Wine Brand

Kin is a wine production company that's all about family, tradition, community, and passion. Our brand is built on the idea of bringing people together over a great glass of wine.

Our colour palette features a rich, deep red paired with a warm and inviting beige. These colours represent both the bold flavours of our wines and the welcoming atmosphere of our company.

Our logo is a not to our family heritage and the traditional values that we hold dear. The tiger symbolizes strength, power, and courage - all qualities that we strive to embody in our winemaking process.

To add a touch of playfulness to our brand, we've chosen a bubbly font that perfectly captures the joy and celebration that comes with sharing a bottle of Kin with loved ones.

At Kin, we believe that wine is more than just a drink - it's a way to connect with the people around us and create lasting memories. That's why we are committed to producing only the finest wines, crafted with care and passion. So join our family, pour yourself a glass, and let Kin be a part of your next special moment.

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