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Building Brands That
Tell Your Story

I'm Cayla, the Owner and Designer here at Club Wild Creative! I have been designing for over 8 years professionally, but it really all started when I built my first website at 11 and amassed over 5000+ active users on my platform.

I've Done a Bit More Than Design


I studied Photo Journalism and documented the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.


I received my Certificate of Marketing Analytics from University of California, Berkeley.


I started working for a grassroots nonprofit supporting rural small business owners.


I started taking Business and Entrepreneurship the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Owner of a graphic design branding agency that specializes in logos

Hey there, I'm Cayla and I've been creating visual magic for years! From branding start-ups to established businesses, I absolutely love hearing about your highs and lows as an entrepreneur and helping you reach new heights.

My background in Marketing Analytics, thanks to my certificate from the University of California, Berkeley, has helped me create some truly special designs. I've even been featured in music videos, magazines, and worked on big campaigns for companies like LEGO and Nutro Pet Food.

When I'm not designing, you can find me exploring new places and collecting some seriously wild stories along the way. I also love spending time with dogs, whether they're mine or yours or just a random dog on the street.

You're guaranteed to have a laugh with me - maybe even at me, but that's how it should be! Together, we're going to create something truly unforgettable. And afterwards, I'm excited to watch, champion, and support your business as it grows!

Let's Make Some Magic Happen

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